Author/Paper Submission Guidelines

1. General Information
a) Presenters who wish to have their papers reviewed and considered for publication in conference proceedings should abide with the guidelines provided below.
b) The paper could be written in any language of choice to the author, but must be translated into English as well.
c) Documents should be submitted electronically as an attachment to email or saved in a memory stick and mailed to the conference representatives.

2. Requirements

a) Documents should be prepared in Microsoft Word with a font size of 12.
b) Paper should be limited to 10pages including references
c) All margins (left, right, top, and bottom) should be set at 1inch.
d) Work presented should be original and works cited in the paper must be properly referenced. 

3. Reviews

All papers submitted will be reviewed by experts and considered for inclusion in the conference proceedings.  Authors may be advised to revise their papers based on recommendations provided by reviewers.  The conference leaders’ decision regarding inclusion/acceptance of papers will be final.  

4. Deadline

All papers must be received by May 2, 2014.  Any paper received after the date may not be included in the published conference proceedings.

5. Papers should be submitted electronically to the following:

Dr. Steve O. Michael:

Dr. Sergey Zapryagaev:

Dr. Ruiqing Du:

Dr. Andy Pusca:

Jump drive or memory sticks should be mailed to the representative closest to the author (see Contact Us.